ines kohl

 Professional activities

  • Consultant for West Africa (Sahara, Sahel, Niger, Tuareg)
  • Project manager (IPMA)
  • Expertise for development cooperation
  • Scientific research (senior researcher)
  • Author of scientific and popular scientific articles
  • Lecturer at national and international universities
  • Adult education

About Ines

Ines Kohl holds a doctoral degree in social anthropology from the university of Vienna, completed successfully a training in project management (IPMA), and has experience with development cooperation. She operates as consultant for West Africa, and is author of books and articles about her regional area of expertise: The Sahara and the Sahel region, i.e. Libya and Niger, and the Tuareg.

Between 2003 and 2015 she has been employed (with breaks and leaves) as a researcher at the Institute for Social Anthropology at the Austrian Academy of Sciences. During this period Ines has reached a consistent funding record with research projects and has gained extensive experiences with multi-sited fieldwork in North- and West Africa.

In her research Ines concentrated on transnational mobility, borderlands, migration and border-crossings, migration through the Sahara, the “second face of the Mediterranean”, economic strategies of Tuareg, called afrod (smale scale trade, smuggling), urbanization and sedentariness in the Sahara, youth culture (ishumar) and cosmopolitanism, and the geopolitical situation, in the Sahara and the Sahel.

Besides field experience, expertise in social science, development cooperation and project management, Ines is commanding over competences in academic teaching and adult education. She has performed lectures, seminars and guest lectures at national and international universities and institutes.

Ines has published two books, one edited volume, and numerous scientific and popular scientific articles.

Her mothertongue is German. She speaks English, French, Arabic (colloquial Libyan dialect) and Tamasheq (Tayrt), and has some some basic knowledge of Hausa.





Dr. Ines Kohl
1060 Vienna, Austria
0043 / 676 / 789 17 88