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Ines Kohl holds a doctoral degree from the University of Vienna in social anthropology, has a consistent funding record with research projects and extensive experiences with multi-sited fieldwork in North- and Westafrica, and is commanding over competences in academic teaching about her regional area of expertise, the Sahara, i.e. Algeria/Libya/Niger/Mali.

From 2005 to 2015 she has been staff of the Institute for Social Anthropology at the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna/Austria.

Her main research interests deal with the Tuareg. She concentrates on:

  • transnational mobility
  • borderlands, migration and border-crossings
  • migration through the Sahara, the “second face of the Mediterranean”
  • economic strategies of Tuareg, called afrod (smale scale trade, smuggling)
  • urbanization and sedentariness in the Sahara
  • youth culture (ishumar) and cosmopolitanism
  • the geopolitical situation, in the Sahara and the Sahel

Ines is married to Akidima Effad, an Amajegh (Targi) from Niger, and they have two children: Rhissa born in 2009, and Rima born in 2016.

Ines and Akidima have created the NGO – Association Autriche – Niger. Recently imaran supports the nomadic school of Intadeynawen/Ikalen Zararan in Northern Niger.

Ines has a deep connection with the Sahara and its people. Her parents, Monika and Bert Kohl, Ethnographische Geo-Expeditionen took her on all their journeys. With four years she went first to the Sahara, got acquainted with the Tuareg and became familiar with them. She accompanied her parents on journeys to North- and West Africa, the Middle East and Asia. These annual travels resulted in an increasing interest in the Sahara. After studying classical archeaology and old history in Graz/Austria, she changed to social anthropology and arabic.

Ines speaks German, English, French, Arabic and Tamasheq (Tayrt), and has basic knowledge of Hausa.


Dr. Ines Kohl
Anthropology of the Sahara and the Tuareg
Association IMARAN
1060 Vienna
0043 / 676 / 789 17 88